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Corrosion Resistant Air Cylinders


1 Stainless Steel Cylinder Body: Type 304 Stainless Steel manufactured to special mill specifications and tolerances to insure a long cylinder life.

2 Stainless Steel Rod: Ground & Polished Type 303 Stainless Steel rods are standard. All rods have wrench flats and stress relief grooves.

3 Piston Rod Assembly: Piston rods are threaded, anaerobically sealed, and machine staked into the piston for triple protection.

4 End Caps (Rod Guide & Rear Head): Made of Delrin* acetal resin developed by Dupont. A crystalline thermoplastic co-polymer made by the polymerization of formaldehyde.

5 Springs: Springs for spring action cylinders are made from stainless steel and designed for millions of cycles. Special spring forces are available.

6 Buna-N U-Cup Rod & Piston Seals: Pressure energized lip type seals provide low breakaway friction and maximize cylinder life expectancy. Standard Buna-N seals are recommended for operating temperatures of -20°F (-25°C) to 200°F (95°C). FDA approved seals are available as a standard Option (-35).

7 Rod Seal: Precision machined rod seal groove provides a smooth sealing surface while positively retaining the seal without requiring additional components and relying on press fit containment.

8 Prelubricated: All cylinders are factory lubricated with a special high endurance oil mixture. FDA approved lubrication is standard with the FDA seal Option (-35).

9 Pre-Tested: The quality of each cylinder is assured by testing each unit for leakage prior to shipment. Quality control provides added value to American cylinders.