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Medical Grade Pneumatic Air Cylinders

Medical Stainless Steel Air Cylinders

American Cylinder manufactures medical-grade pneumatic air cylinder equipment. The medical industry is comprised of four sectors that provide goods and services to patients. These sectors are curative, preventive, rehabilitative, and palliative care. In this industry, companies are always searching for smaller, lighter, more efficient, and reliable devices. American Cylinder has experience manufacturing medical stainless steel air cylinders and is committed to excellence guarantees that we can provide companies with products that achieve these ideals. Contact us today to learn more about our stainless steel medical cylinders. Cylinders we fabricate include:

American Cylinder also can manufacture custom products. Our experience and expert technicians let us innovate unique solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Like all of our products, these special design medical grade pneumatic air cylinders are ISO 9001 2015 certified. Common modifications for rods include:

  • Custom Rod Thread Length
  • Coarse Threads
  • Non-Standard Rod Extensions
  • Special Seal Types, Compounds, and Lubrication
  • Customer Logos and Part Numbers
  • Special Spring Forces and Materials
  • Additional Oversize Ports
  • Special Head and Piston Materials
  • Specific Dimensions for Interchangeability
  • Values Added Sub-Assembly Services


To learn more about our stainless steel medical cylinders, please contact us today.

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