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Special Design Air Cylinders

For those design projects where a standard cylinder product cannot provide a solution, American Cylinder engineers can work along with you to design a custom pneumatic cylinder to satisfy the needs and challenges of your application.

After finalizing your design, prototypes can be economically manufactured by our ISO 9001 Certified Special Cylinder Department for your test and evaluation.

A significant portion of our business involves special modifications and as a special design air cylinder manufacturer, American Cylinder Co., continues to provide unique solutions to a wide variety of industries, some of which include:

Custom Cylinders

Examples of the most requested modifications include:

  • Custom Rod Thread Lengths
  • Coarse Threads
  • Non-Standard Rod Extensions
  • Special Seal Types, Compounds and Lubrication
  • Customer Logos and Part Numbers
  • Special Spring Forces and Materials
  • Additional and Oversize Ports
  • Special Head and Piston Materials
  • Specific Dimensions for Interchangeability
  • Value Added Sub-Assembly Services

American Cylinder is dedicated to filling your Special Pneumatic Cylinder requirements and welcomes your challenge to show you our problem solving capabilities.

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