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Pneumatic Sensor Switches

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Pneumatic Air Switch

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American Cylinder offers a variety of alternatives for pneumatic sensor switches to meet your requirements. Reed Switches are available either with or without indicator lights whereas the Solid State switches all incorporate indicator lights. The color of the Solid State switch's indicator light identifies it as either an NPN (Sinking) switch or a PNP (Sourcing) switch. All switches come with standard 39" leads and can alternatively be ordered with a 6" M8 pigtal type connection. Switches may be ordered individually or as a bore-specific assembly that includes a clamping band for easy installation. Additionally, our team offers other types of pneumatic air switch like clamping bands and connector cables. To learn more about our pneumatic air switch or to request a quote, contact us today.

Pneumatic Sensor Switches

Pneumatic Sensor Switches

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