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Solid State Switches

American Cylinder’s Solid State Switches are designed for DC applications only. With no mechanical parts to wear out or arc, the solid state circuitry provides a compact, reliable positioning switch for extended service life. They are designed to be used with our MFC Series (Magnetic Field Cylinders) that incorporate a magnetic band on the cylinder’s piston. When the piston with the magnetic band passes under the Solid State Switch, the switch closes a circuit to generate a signal that can be used to control an electric operated device.  They are offered in either a NPN Sinking (MSHL-6) or PNP Sourcing (MSHP-6) version. All Solid State Switches have LEDs which illuminates to indicate when the switch is activated. Switches can be ordered with either a 39” wire or 6” M8 Pigtail connections

std line switches


  • Standard operating voltage = (5VDC - 30VDC)
  • Switching current = (100mA - 200mA)
  • Recommended ambient operating temperature range = (14°F to 140°F).
  • NPN Sinking (MSHL-6) switch has a Red LED indicator
  • PNP Sourcing (MSHP-6) switch has a Green LED indicator
  • IEC Standard IP67 enclosure rating
  • Oil resistant PVC cable

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